Remote substation monitoring for electric substations using non-contact thermal imaging
By: ThermalSpection 724 is an automated, continuous thermal imaging system for remote and automated early fault detection in power substations and industrial sites. Equipment in electrical power substations is nearing the end of useful life and have increased potential for faults or complete failures. Using non-contact thermal imaging with the ThermalSpection 724 system, operators can continuously monitor the temperature of critical assets within an electrical power substation remotely to ensure safe and reliable operations. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is essential for electric utilities. Thermography is a well-proven technique for monitoring for conditions and detecting faults in electrical equipment. Portable thermal imaging are often periodic, imprecise, and limit the practicality of applying CBM. There is also a shortage of electric tools and resources to analyze the data. An automated data-driven method is needed to analyze electrical equipment. Substation monitoring, when part of substation automation such as ThermalSpection 724DV, can help identify thermal abnormalities within electric power substations. Realize better substation control and monitoring in power substations with this continuous, automated substation control system. Substation maintenance Designed with advanced maintenance-free electronics and industrial protective packaging, the ThermalSpection 724DV substation monitoring system offers a high degree of accuracy for demanding ele...  

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