ship renovation/cleaning with water jetting machines to remove rust/paint to protect from corrosion ship cleaning in the context of ship renovation means, for the german manufacturer of high pressure technology, „falch gmbh“, cleaning ships with high pressure water jetting. these high pressure cleaners are ultra high pressure cleaners and are used to remove corrosion like rust and paint. they also remove maritime natural covers like biofilm, biofouling, shells or marine organisms like snails or barnacles from ship walls. robots can be used for water jetting. deposits on the ship's hull, as well as contamination in tanks, boilers and bilges, in ship bunkers and loader rooms, on masts and pipes, can be removed by using high pressure water jets. if you would like to buy, rent or lease, including reconditioned and second hand, hydro blasting systems for cleaning ship surfaces, you can purchase them from the producer of high pressure water jetting equipment, falch gmbh. cleaning the ships and ship walls with water as a blasting agent allows, among other things, the removal of rust and removal of shellfish. an outer wall coating or paint can be stripped off with water, as a type of paint stripping. paint removal with a high pressure jetting system for ship maintenance and to prevent corrosion, i.e. corrosion protection, succeeds with high pressure cleaners from the ultra high pressure water jetting supplier, falch. ultra high pressure water jetting technology also enables the cleaning of anchor chains and anchor winches as well as ship parts and fittings. a cleaning service with water jetting equipment from falch, the supplier of new and reconditioned equipment, is based on work pressures up to 2,500 bar. surface cleanliness levels are achieved according to these standards: iso/sis eu with Sa3, Sa2 1/2, Sa2, Sa1. nace/sspc WJ-2, WJ-3, WJ-4. sspc usa SP10, SP7, SP6. nace usa No. 2, No. 3, No. 4. AS 1627.4 class 1, class 2, class 2.5. stg 2222 Dw3, Dw2, Dw1