Cenovate concrete: ultra high pressure water jetting for concrete renovation

http://www.falch.com as manufacturer of ultra high pressure water jetting devices usually offers high pressure water jetting machines with 1200 bar working pressure and more for concrete renovation of concrete buildings to remove and roughen concrete and to remove concrete slurry. ultra high pressure water jetting devices of the company falch work just like normal high pressure cleaners. but the water jets of this high pressure water jetting technology are so powerful that they are able to loosen concrete parts, to remove coatings and to remove the concrete without damaging the iron rods. damages can be found especially on concrete buildings which are subject to severe stress, e.g. underground car parks, bridges, sports stadiums, parking garages, biogas plants and dams.but also concrete floors and ceilings, bunker walls, sewer channels and pipelines in water construction as well as lock chambers and road constructions such as tunnel and bridge renovations are application fields of the manufacturer and supplier of high pressure water jetting technology falch. who wants to buy high pressure cleaners with ultra high pressure water jets for renovating concrete in construction above and below ground, will find systems, advise and service at the falch gmbh in Germany. in order to be able to refurbish concrete, the brittle building material must first be removed from the intact one. for this purpose, water jetting (hydro demolition) is the ideal method. it is also possible to remove the material by means of a hammer drill. however, this causes vibrations in the structure. in addition, reinforcements must then be sand blasted in order to remove rust adhesions on the reinforcing steel or reinforcing iron. falch offers water jetting technology for concrete renovation and surface preparation in various designs and performance classes. among these is a removal robot for concrete removal as well as the ceiling / floor helper for jetting floors and ceilings.